Jonathan Eugster

About This Site

This Nextjs personal portfolio and blog is hosted on Netlify, Mongodb Atlas, and Strapi for CMS. Style is handled by Tailwind CSS. This stack allows non-technical team members to utilize familiar tools like a CMS with web interface or Google Tags while allowing developers total freedom.

The site is entirely static, uses open-source libraries, and source controlled in git on github. Updates to Strapi data trigger generation of static files incrementally for only new and updated components. All public files are optimized on build for the fastest load on any device.

Third party tags are controlled through Google Tag Manager. Performance audits using Lighthouse. Analytics by Google Analytics. Builds fail on a11y error.

Figure all that out, now I have to generate some content for the thing huh?

Why Next.js?

Next.js is a powerful tool for optimizing static sites generation with full control over presentation and site features. No need for costly licenses or proprietary hosting, it can run anywhere. Active elements can be serverless or dedicated.

  1. Renders API data to a static site when new or changed data is detected
  2. Server renders static pages only once and only when the page has new data
  3. Preprocessing allows a minimal code base to accomplish compatibility, reliability, and accessibility.
  4. Open source and source controlled means code is portable. Hosting can be local or migrate without trouble.